80% of brain development happens by age 3

Resilient from the Start

Childhood experiences in the first three years of life significantly impact a child’s long-term well-being.
80x3 is on a mission to create a community of trauma-sensitive adults committed to ensuring resilient and healthy futures for all children. We provide resources and transform systems so that our youngest Minnesotans can access quality early childhood education and compassionate care.
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Who 80x3 Serves in Community

80x3 is a systems change initiative that requires everyone to work together to address the effects of childhood trauma. Find resources and learn how you can make a difference below.
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Caregivers & Families

Caregivers and families play a critical role in supporting children to ensure they feel safe and thrive, despite any previous adverse experiences. These resources are designed for parents, grandparents, families, guardians, caregivers, neighbors, communities and all others who provide care for children.

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Educators & Program Administrators

Educators and program administrators serve as a support system for healthy child development. These resources are designed for people who are focused on center-based care, including frontline practitioners, early childhood center leaders, curriculum directors, family navigators, social workers and school counselors.

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Allies & Advocates

Prioritizing healthy early childhood development and establishing trauma-sensitive practices positively impacts everyone in our communities. These resources are for government agencies, public officials, donors, businesses, nonprofits, public health leaders, pediatricians and child advocates who are committed to creating sustainable change.

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80x3's Impact in Action

An Opportunity to Make a Difference

Traumatic childhood experiences can disrupt healthy development and affect individuals through adolescence and adulthood. Childhood trauma has a strong association with health problems, mental illness and substance use disorders, and can impact executive functioning and self-regulation. These negative effects can impact educational outcomes, economic success and well-being across a person’s lifetime.

Trauma-Sensitive, Healing-Centered Support

80x3 is on a mission to grow our region's resources and transform systems to deliver trauma-sensitive care and minimize the impacts of childhood trauma. By proactively partnering with families and those who work with young children on early childhood development, mental health and available supports, we can cultivate resilient children with bright futures.
Trauma-sensitive care can improve children’s executive functioning and emotional regulation and help them form secure attachments.
Quality early childhood education and care are proven to help buffer the negative impact of trauma on children.
With 80x3 trainings and resources, center leaders and educators are more skilled and knowledgeable in providing trauma-sensitive care.
Research demonstrates that early interventions result in long-lasting benefits, including higher educational attainment and higher wages in adulthood.
  • “Our experience with 80x3 has been monumental for our staff development and the quality of our childcare center.”

    People Serving People: Center of Excellence

    Gigi Kreibich, Institutional Giving Officer
  • “We need trauma-informed care to provide the best education for our youngest learners — education that not only is academic, but also cares for their mental health and their spirit.”

    Centro Tyrone Guzman

    Roxana Linares, Former Executive Director
  • “The trainings have given insight on how trauma effects individuals. This has been helpful in training teachers in classroom management techniques on how to interact in the classroom with children who may need extra supports.”

    People Serving People: Center of Excellence

    Kendrea Dickson
  • “Having a group of other professionals to share and brainstorm ideas with was an invaluable piece…Sometimes just being able to hear that another person is dealing with the same struggle you are is helpful in that you do not feel alone in the struggle.”

    Wilder Child Development Center

    Angela Clair, Director of Early Childhood Services

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